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How to Get Started Writing for Magazines – with Freelancer Writer Linda Formichelli [Video]

Ever wanted to write for magazines but didn’t know where to start? We have the perfect lady to help with that! The smart and savvy Linda Formichelli is a veteran freelance writer for Redbook, WebMD, Women’s Health, Family Circle, Writer’s Digest and lots, lots more. Linda’s been a freelance writer since 1997, supporting her family with the income. In this short and sweet interview,
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How I Sold 10,000 Ebooks in One Year (+ surpassed the income from my day job)

Note from Laura: Today’s guest post is from Ernest Dempsey, a high school counselor and author of thrilling fiction. Ernest was one of the first students in my Skillshare book marketing class when I launched it last April. He was a super enthusiastic and active member of the class and if I gave out gold stars, he’d have got several of them! In short:
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Please note: This content originally appeared in my Magic Mondays Marketing tips newsletter. You can sign up for a book marketing tip like this every week here! Get more reviews with The WHY behind this tip: You know how important book reviews are to your discoverability and sales, but it can be tough getting the number of reviews you want. offers readers
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I did a podcast interview on writing and publishing. Check it out here!

I was approached by the lovely Viv Oyolu to be on her podcast about writing and publishing, and I’m so glad I said yes! Viv makes interviewing a piece of cake. We both agreed afterwards that connecting had been like talking with an old friend. I mean that laugh is contagious! It sends out pure joy.   In this 25 minute podcast we discuss
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Going Perma Free: My Reflections After 100,000 Downloads of my eBook

Going Perma Free Enough was enough. I’d read those blog posts one too many times. You know the ones. The posts by authors with a massive fantasy series or a YA series who made their first book permanently free on Amazon, also known as perma free, and sold thousands of copies of their subsequent books as a result. I didn’t have a fiction series,
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Exactly how one author sells 70-75 books a day.

“… I have broken a certain barrier and have been able to lift the Trilogy into a meaningful level of visibility.”  This is an email I received from a former student of my online book marketing class, Octavia Randolph. I am reprinting it with her permission here, with some very minor edits to keep it succinct.  Dear Laura I took your on-line marketing class (the
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My “Craft Your Book Marketing Plan Class” is back! Get the details here.

I love the back to school season. Maybe it’s buying new stationery, new books, a new start and the promise of good habits… I’m not exactly sure, but I do think that it’s a great time to make things happen. September is the new January! Image Copyright Anelina, 2013. Used under license from  In the spirit of back to school, I’m offering my Skillshare
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Top Free & Paid Services to Promote Your Kindle Books (Guest post)

Note from Laura: Hello! Hope you are well. I’ve been a little AWOL in the last few weeks pouring all of my energy into the magazine. I’m happy to share this guest post by Eric of while I’m getting my groove back on :) Top Free & Paid Services to Promote Your Kindle Books. ————————————————————————- Promoting your book before and after you publish it
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5 Places to Find an Intern to Help with Your Book Marketing this Summer

Hello hello. I’m on a mission this weekend – I’m looking for summer help with The Write Life Magazine. Interns in fact. Things have been ramping up with the publication (issue 2 is out today!) and it’s time to find excited, young writerly people to help with content, social media and PR. And this gave me this great idea that authors could use a
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Ideal Reader Exercises and why you should do one (A New FREE Resource)

I’ve been working on the marketing plan for The Write Life Magazine, and just like when I start any campaign, the very first step for me is to complete an ideal reader exercise.   Why? Because writing for one person – and one person only – means that all of your marketing efforts will be much more compelling and engaging. You’ll be connecting with
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