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The WHY behind this tip: You know how important book reviews are to your discoverability and sales, but it can be tough getting the number of reviews you want. offers readers free e-books and prizes in exchange for their honest book reviews.

How it works: Readers can download your book, are given 30 days to read it, and if they’re able to provide a link to their posted review, they are then entered into a drawing for one of the following prizes: 5 print copies of the book OR 3 x $10 Amazon gift cards OR a Kindle.

These prizes are supplied by the book’s author and is the only cost to you.

The free download encourages more people to read your book, and the raffle encourages more readers to leave a review – good or bad. It’s an effective idea!


Action Steps

1. Sign up for an account on Registration is free, you will have to cough up for one of the prize options (see above)

2. Enter your book’s info

3. Upload your eBook in mobi, ePub, and PDF files (all three are needed)

4. Your book will then appear on the site and may then be mentioned on Story Cartel’s social media pages for increased exposure

Other info: Story Cartel keeps track of the number of downloads and gives authors access to a spreadsheet of the downloaders’ names and email addresses so you have a good idea of your downloads: review ratio.

And there you have it! A great way to encourage readers to leave an honest review for your books.

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