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Book Marketing & Publishing Links: Best of the Web 3/19- 3/23

Each Friday we bring you the best book marketing and publishing links from around the web!

1.       Goodreads Giveaways: Tips to make them work for you! – 30 Day Books

Giveaways on Goodreads can help authors market their books by getting free reviews from winners. Marketing is a slow process and it’s not any different with Goodreads either but its worth the time and it’s free. Sign up and keep some simple rules in mind for effective use of this great promotional tool.

2.       So Much Marketing, So Little Time – The Writer’s Guide to e-Publishing

Social Media is a very important tool for any business these days and writing is no different. However, with so many platforms to manage like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc how does one concentrate on the real job at hand – writing? A guide to effective social media management for authors.

3.       Should I comment on my Amazon reviews? – Taleist

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When you put up your book on Amazon you are making yourself fair game and people me love and just as easily hate your book. However, it stings when people hate your book for the wrong reason. In that case, should a writer comment on the user-reviews?

4.       Branding for Writers: An Essential Step to Building Your Author Platform – The Creative Penn

Branding does not have to be a scary word that makes authors cringe. It means having a clear and deep understanding of your purpose and communicating it to your audiences.

5.       Why It Doesn’t Matter Whether or Not Your Book is Good – Catherine, Caffeinated

Catchy as the title is, the blogpost is equally fascinating. A selling book is not one that’s well-written but that has “appeal”.

6.       When Should an Author Hire an Editor? How to Avoid Scams – Anne R. Allen’s Blog

There is a huge difference between a ghost-writers and an editor. Editors can tweak your writing, check for spelling errors but they can’t take your randomly jotted notes and make them into books. Learn when you need an editor, how to use one, and how to spot scammers.

7.       Book Design: Points and Picas Primer – The Book Designer

Writing has its own peculiar vocabulary and one word that new writers find hard to understand is “pica”. A simple video blog or Vlog explaining what pica means and why it’s important.