Juicy link love… book marketing & PR articles from around the web June 29th, 2012

As indie authors it’s important to stay in tune and keep ourselves educated with the current goings on in the publishing and marketing industry. And darn does it move fast! Here’s what has being going on in Cyberia this week. As always, if you’ve read/ written anything fantastic that deserves a shout-out, leave a link in the comments! – Laura

 Indie Authors Doing it Right! Ingrid Ricks, Author of Hippie Boy – 30 Day Books.

An insight into what it takes to finish your book and then sell it by Ingrid Ricks. Hint – perseverance is key!

 In a Nutshell: The Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org! – 30 Day Books

If you are an Indie author you would be stark raving mad not to be on WordPress. But the whole WordPress.com and WordPress.org thing can be a little confusing. Here are a few ways the two are different and how you can use them.

 4 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Listing (and Sell Way More Books) – Duolit

Yeah, we Indie writers love to hate Amazon but that does not detract from the fact that it is the biggest online book store in the world. With some simple tips and tricks you can get more juice out of it.

A collection of modern and old classics to blow you away.