Book Marketing & PR, Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Book Marketing, Promotions & Publishing Links

A round-up of the best, not-to-be-missed article on book marketing and publishing from around the web this week.

1.      7 Ways to Build a Rockin’ Author Platform by Reedsy

Develop your author platform in a simple, time-savvy manner.

2.      Guest Post: Dipping a Toe into the Digital Pond by Vanessa Fox-O’Loughlin via Catherine, Caffeinated

A newbie author’s experience with getting published digitally. Learn how to self-publish on Amazon, keep some tips for success in mind like designing a good book-cover, and hope for the best.

3.      Why have fans when you can have friends? via Taleist

Social Media is great for creating a buzz around your book but beware! Abusing it can backfire. Use your personal Facebook page instead of a business page. Remember the 70-30 rule – don’t put too much meaning into the number of people following you on Facebook. More than how many people “Like” your page, you need people to “Talk” about your page.

4.      Combining Self-Publishing with Traditional: A New Publishing Hybrid via 30 Day Books

Experience a new model for getting published. 30 Day Books assist authors in publishing their books by combining their experience, expertise and financial support into creating a new publishing hybrid. Focused on creating authorpreneurs, 30 Day Books is ideal for authors who want to get published but are not keen on marketing their books.

5.      Epubbing on a budget via The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing

Get digitally published without spending a lot. Use tools like iStockPhoto for shopping book-covers at very reasonable rates, utilize free software like Photoscape to edit the images and add text and get MobiPocket Creator to convert files into Kindle Mobi format.

6.      Writing Matters by JAKonrath

In the race to get published and market your product don’t forget content is king. Without a good story all the marketing in the world is useless. The most essential ingredient for success is writing a good book.

7.      5 Strategies for Marketing Children’s Books on Facebook by Jo Ann Kairys via Dana Lynn Smith

Five tips on how to market children’s books on Facebook.  Great for authors making a transition from being just writers to becoming entrepreneurs.