Book Marketing & PR, Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Best book marketing & PR links from around the web: 6/15/2012

  1. How to Create a Meaningful (Not Promotional) Book Launch – We Grow Media

Clean marketing is what we are all pining for. Jonathan Fields gives us his Top 3 tips for doing just that in this vlog.

2. The Writer’s Guide to Making Google Your Friend – Catherine, Caffeinated

Some swear by Search Engine Optimization of SEO but do you really need it?

3. Two Years On: Publishing A Book in a Crowded Marketplace – The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Gaining visibility for your book is extremely important. However, spamming social media with announcements may not be the best way to promote your book in a very saturated market.

4. Six Ways Authors can Promote Their Book on Pinterest – 30 Day Books

Pinterest is fast becoming a favorite with the social media junkies. Great news is it’s a fantastic marketing tool for your books if you know how to use it.

5. 6 Biggest Mistakes of Self-Published Authors – The Publicity Hound

Marketing starts right from the day you start writing. Here are some huge mistakes writers make and how to avoid them.

6. Be Narrow Minded: 11 Questions to Turn a Target Market into a Reader Profile – Duo Lit

Target markets are too large! How to hit the bull’s eye with your initial narrowing-down of the market.