Your weekend reading… book marketing & publishing news August 17th 2012

The Pepper parents are in town! We just got back from an island vacay and I’m as relaxed as can be right now. Ask me anything… I’m in a great mood! ;)

Sometimes when we don’t think we can take a vacation it’s exactly what our body & mind need. So I hope you can take this weekend to vacation, staycation, or just do something for yourself. Your writing will thank you for it! – Laura

1.     How To Get Your Book Reviewed: A Practical Lesson – Catherine, Caffeinated.

What gets a busy blogger receiving more messages than she has time to read in a day to actually stop from clicking the “Delete” button on your email?

2.     How To Find Out More About Your Readers Without Having To Ask – Taleist.

If only Amazon would share information about the people who buy your book – imagine how much easier it would be to market to them! There are ways to get some info about your readers without begging Amazon.

3.     Recognizing The Power Of The Paper – The Writer’s Guide To E-Publishing.

Social media may be all we hear about in the book marketing world but print media is far from dead. Learn from an author’s experience with an interview published in a local newspaper and the boost it gave her sales.

4.     What Offer Does Your Author Blog Make? – The Book Designer.

Creating value for your readers is important when blogging. For this matter, having a sub-title for your blog helps readers understand what you offer.

5.     Publishing is Broken, We’re Drowning in Indie Books – And that’s a good thing  Forbes.

Careful examination of the fact that the Amazon store is drowning in indie books suggests that this period of chaos will eventually yield significant rewards for both authors and consumers. A long – but fantastic – analysis.

6.     How Bestseller Lists Work… and introducing the Amazon monthly top 100 – Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris, author of two bestsellers, summarizes the best-seller lists and introduces a brand new one to us from

7.     31 Ways to Find New Readers (Outside of your network) – 30 Day Books.

How do we break beyond the somewhat “interbred” indie community and reach readers outside of the network of people promoting to each other online? Here are 31 ideas for you to ponder.


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