Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Hot links in book marketing & publishing this week – July 27th 2012

We do the curation so you don’t have to. Here are some of the hottest book links from around Cyberia this week ;)

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A Book Launch is an Investment in a Long-Term Career – Guest post by Cynthia Morris on We Grow Media 

You need to start planning your book marketing strategy from the time you start writing the plot. It determines who your readers are going to be, what the cover will look like and what unique launch offers you offer readers.

10 Steps to Mastering your Book Marketing Plan – 30 Day Books

Every book is as unique as you are. So no surprise that your marketing plan will also have to be just as individualistic. Here’s how I came up with my book marketing plan.

Does Facebook Advertising Work? (One Author’s Experience) – Lindsay Buroker

So you have a Facebook Page but you can’t decide whether you should go for “Pay Per Click” or “Promoted Posts” marketing. Here is a guide to explain the two.

What is a Ghostwriter? All your Questions Answered – Reedsy

Maybe you want to hire one, maybe you want to become one, either way this guide from Reedsy will answer all your questions about ghostwriters and their mysterious work.

What Makes Readers Lose Interest in a Blog? – Blogging with Amy 

Guess what? All those guest bloggers that you had to sweet talk into posting to your blog – they are annoying to your readers! Yes, if overdone readers start to lose interest because they want to hear from YOU.

 Book Translation Services – Reedsy

We can’t say it enough: translating an already-successful title just opens you up to another audience where you can potentially be successful and sell well. It’s like a magic button to expand your readers, and worth considering for every author worth their salt.