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28 Blog Post Ideas for Writers to Use Today! (+ fill in the blank titles)

Happy Friday! I know how hard it can be to come up with new blog post ideas each week, so today I present to you 28 blog post ideas to get you back in your blogging groove. Enjoy!

Use a current Pop Culture trend

Look for current trends in pop culture that could be (relevantly, not forced) tied in to your book or the topics you write about. Jump in the conversation with a well thought out blog post. Ideas:

Twitter trends blog post ideas1 – Check out Twitter trends (on the left side of your Twitter profile) to see what people are talking about right now. You can change the location to a local city or country.

2 – Check out Google’s ‘Hot Trends’ list to see the hottest searches

3 – Fill in the blank idea: 5 lessons learned from _________ [insert celebrity name, film, event] on _________

*Bonus tip: Promoting your post to your Google Plus Page will ensure it comes up in the search results of anyone who has you in their circles. 

Write about Happenings in Your Niche

Even if your niche isn’t pop culture worthy or trendy by national standards, there is likely something always happening in your field or genre. Stay on top of what is happening and be sure to make your own opinion heard:

4 – Set up Google Alerts for the issues and topics that relate to your book. When you see an opinion piece written, write YOUR opinion on it. Why do you agree/ disagree?

5 – Write a post to coincide with an important date in history that relates to your writing (this could be as recently as last year)

6 – Look for conferences or events in your niche around the world to introduce to readers or do a summary on

7 – Write a letter to a person/ group of people – Example: Dear Moms of Adopted Children.

Interview someone well-known or little known

A conversation with an expert, author, politician or an enlightened family member or friend can make for great reading.

8 – Fill in the blank idea: My heart to heart with _________

9 – Interview someone who shares a trait, career, struggle, lifestyle similar to one of your characters. See this interview between a Mother, and her son’s birth Mother.

Behind the Writing Scenes

Great for fiction and non-fiction authors alike. Although I generally recommend that fiction writers avoid writing to other writers, these ideas should appeal to readers and fellow writer alike.

10 – Introduce your writing space. Use images to bring us to your desk/ room/ coffee shop where the magic happens.

11 – Share how you do/ did your research. Take us on that journey.

12 – Tell us about your writing inspiration. What from your own life experiences inspired your stories? Get deep and personal!

Invite Readers into Your World

Show a personal side of yourself. Invite us in.

13 – Write a letter to your former self. Write a letter to your future self. Your a writer, so let your readers see the magic in your words.

14 – Fill in the blank idea: Why _________ matters to me. Strong opinion pieces on what you feel passionate about.

15 – Write a blog post using the prompt, ‘What I know to be true’. No rules here, just run with it. If you’re deeply honest and open, the beauty of what you write may just surprise you.

Fill in the Blank Ideas

Get creative with these!

16 – You know you’re _________ if _________ (humorous) (Example)

17 – 10 things to look forward to if _________

18 – 5 mantras to help you survive _________

19 – ## things most people don’t know about _________

Give Expert Advice

20 – Fill in the blank idea: So, you want to _________? 3 pieces of advice

21 – Fill in the blank idea: ## Little known facts about _________

22 – How to tips/ tutorials (Saving time, self-editing, money, energy are always popular)

23 – Be a curator: Roundup paragraphs from articles/ tweets on a particular topic and title it “What the experts are saying about _________.”

Book/ Genre Recommendations

Fill in the blank ideas:

24 – Totally bored of _________? ## books to try, instead

25 – What to read after _________

26 – Love _________, but stuck in a rut? 5 _________ to rock your world this weekend

Do a Recap

People love to see progress, before’s and afters, and to follow the journey with you. If you can, include lots of pics!

27 – Give your readers an overview of recent travel, a conference, a course or some challenge you underwent. E.g.: “My Month Without _________” etc.

28 – Do a weekly/ monthly/ yearly round up on your “thing”. Be it your area of writing, your passion project, or anything else that runs as a consistent theme in your life.

Did this post spark an idea? Leave a comment about a post you’re going to write today!