The first British self-published authors to hit #1 spot on

Interview with Mark Edwards on Living the Dream!


Mark Edwards and his writing partner Louise Voss were the first British indie authors to hit #1 & #2 on the charts with Killing Cupid & Catch Your Death. But their journey to that point wasn’t exactly plain sailing…

In part 1 of this interview (about 10 minutes), find out how long it took Mark and Louise to get to that point. Also discover how Mark and Louise scored a deal with Harper Collins through their hard work and self-publishing success. It’s a great story!

The Indie cover

The Harper Collins Cover








Mark Edwards, Laura Pepper Wu

Just click on play below, or head over to the 30 Day Books YouTube channel to check the interview out, along with several other stories of ‘Indie Authors Doing it Right!’.

Parts 2 & Parts 3 will follow soon! Stay tuned to find out how Mark got the book noticed in a sea of indie books in the first place, and his advice to other indie authors on “working Amazon”.

– To find out more about Mark and Louise’s books, head over to
– To find out more about Mark’s advice for indies, check out his new site,

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