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The Self Publishing Roadmap is here, so sail your way to self publishing success!

This week marks the start of something pretty epic in the self-publishing world!

Book design expert Joel Friedlander of is launching something that has never been done before online or off – a 6-week online training program that walks self-publishing wannabes through the process from start to finish.

I was invited in to the series for a sneak peek and was amazed at the incredible amount of info and expertise packed into a fun and educational video format.

Joel really has gone above and beyond with this one!

I rarely recommend premium tools and resources such as this, but I’m confident that if you’re struggling to navigate the complex self-publishing seas, this will make it a breeze and everything will begin to make sense.

The Self-Publishing Roadmap launches TODAY (Wednesday 13th June), and the cart is open for one week only.

I’m throwing in some bonuses to add to this already fantastic package if you sign up through 30 Day Books (link is below). Here’s what I’m adding in to the mix:

–> A 1 hour consultation. This is something I no longer offer on 30 Day Books due to time constraints so it’s hot stuff!

This can be divided up into 2 x 30 minute calls with me during the 6 week course to ask any questions regarding the course material or any other area of self-publishing and marketing. (Note: Email or instant messaging can be arranged in lieu of phone calls)

Value = $55-$75

–> Free video series on Amazon Optimization – “Fire up Amazon and leave it on Autopilot!”

Learn how to tweak Amazon to its best potential and increase your visibility and irresistibility to readers on Video series due out July 2012.

Value = $67

Total bonus value = $122 +

To find out more about The Self Publishing Roadmap, here is the link to Joel’s three intro videos which are jam-packed with info in themselves!

–> The Self-Publishing Roadmap.

I think you’ll like ’em!

About The Self-Publishing Roadmap
 is a multimedia training course for authors who want to take their book publishing destiny into their own hands. Participants in the Roadmap course make use of the hours of video instruction, audio, and downloads to learn the ins and outs of publishing in this digital era. They cover print and ebooks, and offline and online marketing, the Self-Publishing Roadmap provides them with the most powerful, streamlined and convenient training program available for aspiring self-publishers. 

Course offered by Joel Friedlander of The Book