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The KDP Select blogposts every author should read

KDP Select has been one of the most widely debated and divided issues in Amazon self-publishing this year. A lot of the authors I have worked with have used it, and seen great results. But we didn’t make the decision to enter it lightly, and we spent hours preparing for it to ensure its success counterbalanced the negatives involved in entering the program.

Bigger picture planning

To me it’s an absolute no-brainer: IF used as part of a bigger strategy and planned for and prepared meticulously, KDP Select is an absolutely wonderful gift to independent authors. The exposure it allows us – for free – is unparalleled and yet to be matched by any other marketing tool out there.

No one size fits all T-shirts here

It’s sure not for everyone. It’s especially effective for those authors who have a series of books, for those who are collecting readers email addresses, those who want more reviews, for those who have a long-term plan.

Those with an existing platform or previous exposure? Not so hot.

Preparing anything good takes time and careful planning!

Authors NOT using it as part of a bigger strategy? Then yeah, it’s a waste of time.

Preparation is key

Book marketing has to be well thought-out, layered, and structured. Doing things out of order or willy nilly just doesn’t work. KDP Select is no different, though many think it is and it’s those authors that fail to see the potential of this tool.

The two “must-read” posts

Author Jeff Bennington, who uses KDP Select in a very strategic way over several months, wrote two extremely well written blogposts that I think every author considering – or not considering – the KDP Select program should read.

How to win in Amazon’s KDP Select Program

Winning in Amazon’s KDP Select Program: Part 2

Whether KDP Select works as part of your bigger plan or not (depending on your books, platform and other marketing efforts), it’s worth reading about Jeff’s experience. He’s very generous to share his numbers with us, and I think they’ll impress you.

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