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Shelf Unbound: What to read next in independent publishing

Ever wonder what to read next?

In the crowded world of books, I think we all wonder this a lot! It’s not so much a question of not having enough to read, it’s that there’s too much! Shelf Unbound, a digital magazine edited by Margaret Brown, helps to solve this problem by curating new and interesting books in a beautifully designed bi-monthly publication.

Margaret Brown


I had the pleasure of speaking with Margaret recently, and I was delighted to find out that at the heart of this magazine is a passionate reader and editor, who actively supports independent and small-press to bring their books more exposure. [clear]

Each issue features reviews, author interviews, excerpts, and book features on a chosen theme, to highlight books you may not have heard of yet. Why is this good news for you? Well, besides being a great resource to find your next fabulous read from a fellow independent author (subscription is 100% free), Shelf Unbound also offers advertising opportunities to put your book in front of 125,000 readers at affordable rates.

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*Note: This is a non promotional post and 30 Day Books does not receive any financial compensation for this write up. Shelf Unbound is a publication we are happy to support and we believe it offers a good opportunity for independent authors and small press.