Quick Tip: Are you using non-fiction angles to promote your fiction book? You should be!

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It is often said that non-fiction is easier to promote than fiction, and I certainly don’t disagree. However, wherever there is a challenge, there is the opportunity for creativity and that’s exactly what today’s tip is all about!

Every piece of fiction has several non-fiction angles that can be used as marketing hooks and you can target readers that have an interest in those areas.

Here are your Action Steps –> 

1. Grab a pen and jot down 5-10 “non-fiction angles” that your book has.
2. Think about location, character traits, struggles, illnesses, an unusual family set up, a career choice, the period of time the book is set in & so on.
3. Next brainstorm how you can use these angles. Does your main character love horses and own a riding school? Contact the riding schools and equestrian associations in your local area and see if you can set up a signing at their next event. Is your book set in the Victorian era? Find out if there is a Victorian club near you and get involved. Conduct a thorough Google search for niche sites that might focus on Victorian fashion, etiquette and so on.

Every book has an audience, you’ve just got to find out where they spend their time.

Pssst…! I like to use Google Docs to document my research. I write out the places/sites I want to contact, the contact name and email address, what I want to ask them, and the date on which I’m going to contact them. This forces me to turn this plan into action!

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