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New Site to Help Female Writers Find Critique Partners

 I’m super excited to share my new project with you, since it is not long now until we launch! (first week of August & time is flying). is a completely free, critique partner match-making service, where writers can find the perfect partner or beta reader for their work.

Ladies Who Critique in a nutshell:

  • Think but for female writers!
  • Writers can search for other writers in their genre, and find someone with the right experience and personality fit for them.
  • The site will start with around 10 genres, and will expand to cover as many unique and niche sub genres as possible.
  • It’s completely free for everyone – and always will be.

Check out the Coming Soon Page where writers can leave their email address, so that we can invite them back as our first members later this summer. This exclusive access is limited to the first 50 people – so go sign up ASAP.

You can also follow the progress of Ladies Who Critique on Facebook, where I will be updating more regularly than here.

Critique partners are the best way I have found to get motivated, stay on top of your writing, and improve, fast. That’s why I’m creating the site. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a great critique partner, and with Ladies Who Critique it won’t be. Now go & join the party!