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My “Craft Your Book Marketing Plan Class” is back! Get the details here.

I love the back to school season. Maybe it’s buying new stationery, new books, a new start and the promise of good habits… I’m not exactly sure, but I do think that it’s a great time to make things happen. September is the new January!

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In the spirit of back to school, I’m offering my Skillshare class again: Craft Your Book Marketing Plan with 21 Fun and Effective Ways to Promote Your Book. September is a great time to breathe fresh life into your book marketing plan of attack!

Skillshare has recently changed the format of their classes, so that there is no official start and end date (students can join anytime), but I think it would be great if we all learned together at the same time. So for the month of September, I’m offering the class at a discounted rate of $17 for blog readers (just use the code: BACK2SCH).

Testimonials from former students!

This class has been excellent. I learned how to create a marketing plan and put it into operation. … I do not believe that a similar class, if there is one, that cost many times more could have done as well as hers has. I have done some marketing in the past, before the great developments in social media, and I felt at a loss to know how to use these new capabilities, and how to get organized so as to benefit from what is available. Laura’s class has given me the tools and the confidence to sell what I am certain will be great numbers of books. She is an outstanding teacher (I should mention that I taught college English for 25 years, and that I was publisher of a small press for about eight years).

– Frederic A. Henney, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.

I learned how to take better advantage of the tools that I was already using and prioritize the tasks. The class was so well structured that the volume of information did not overwhelm, but was easy to absorb and include in my own personal marketing plan. I trust Laura’s advice, admire her work ethic and knowledge of the subject and enjoy hearing her talk. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone entering the world of self-publishing, or even thinking about self-publishing, and can’t wait to see what else Laura offers through Skillshare in the future.”

Stacey Wein 


 Laura’s tips were extremely useful as were the comments from the rest of the class. I have learnt so much and made some new friends. Thank you Laura!

The Details

In this class, we cover 21 actionable tips and techniques that you can use to find new readers in places far outside of your current network. The class will be delivered via video lessons, 2.5 hours in total. At the end of the class, you’ll have a step-by-step actionable plan to follow for the next few months in order to grow your readership and increase your book sales.

Who is This Class for:

This class is for writers who are looking to craft a plan of attack to promote their books, to give their books the best chance of succeeding in an increasing crowded self-publishing market, and to find new readers who will love their work.

Find out more details here:

& don’t forget the discount code, BACK2SCH !! :)

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