Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Must-read news round up: book marketing & publishing, 8/24/2012

Just a few links for you this week. I’m particularly interested in number 3 – how the Indian Kindle store is going to affect future sales, and what Amazon has in store (no pun in tended) for it’s presence in India. As they say, watch this space! – Laura

1. Finding Your Audience is about Becoming More Like Yourself, Less Like a Marketer – We Grow Media

Dan Blank gives important tips on building your audience for your book without having to succumb to icky marketing tricks!

2. 7 Authors and Books that You Might Not Know Were Once Self-Published – 30 Day Books

Some surprises here – big author names and books that were once self published, along with their marketing techniques and varied results!

3. The Indian Kindle Store isn’t the Real Deal Yet – David Gaughran

David breaks down for us why, while it’s an exciting move that Amazon has launched a Kindle store in such a huge English speaking market – India, we shouldn’t get overjoyed just yet. Lower royalty rates and no bestseller lists are among the complaints. David has some theories on why Amazon is following a different launch pattern this time around.