Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

5 links to the hottest marketing tips & news this week

The wonderful indie community seem to be extra inspired this week, and we’ve got posts full of advice and tips. So what do you think about number 5? I can’t wait to get signed up this weekend!

– Laura

1. Social Media vs. a New York Times Book Review Cover: Which Sells More Books? – Anne R. Allen’s Blog

New York Time Book Review Cover, the most coveted of all publishing real estate spaces, no longer holds the charm it did once for authors. Social Media wins hands down when it comes to the most effective tool for increasing sales.

2. Using Facebook to Connect with Readers – The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Some simple and useful advice on using Facebook as a marketing tool for your ebooks.

3. Zero Sum – A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Some very different ideas from writer Joe Konrath on how to sell your books. And no, social media isn’t one of them.

4. Does this Bio Make me Look Fat? (& others feelings of inadequacy) 8 Tips for an Enchanting Author Bio – 30 Day Books

An interesting, witty, sincere bio is a great way to market yourself. Yet, it’s really hard to write about one’s own self. Here are 8 great tips to get you on the right track.

5. Kobo Writing Life Is Out of Beta – Indie Bookspot

Kobo’s answer to Amazon’s KDP and Barnes & Nobles’ PubIt offers various file conversion features as well as royalty rates up to 70%. Go get yourself signed up!