Juicy book marketing & publishing links from around the web. July 6th 2012

1. To Sustain Your Indie ePublishing Empire thing the Multiples of Ten Factor!
– The Writers Guide to ePublishing

Author D.D. Scott thinks in multiples of ten – that is ten sales on ten platforms. See what her sales look like here as a result of not focusing sales in only one place.

2. The One Thing Shy Authors Need to Know About Marketing their Books30 Day Books

One simple piece of advice that can get rid of the shyness surrounding marketing your books forever.

3. Author Blogging 101: 8 Blogging Styles You Can Use TodayThe Book Designer

There are so many ways to blog. Here are a few mentioned. Which one can you fit into your blogging schedule?

4. You say you don’t want more email but you do. Really. Taleist

Why you SHOULD be building up your mailing list on your author website. I tell you all the time but your mailing list is your best asset, folks!

5. Exclusivity & FreeA Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Best-seller JA. Konrath discusses the merits and problems with exclusivity and free ebooks with brothers Blake & Jordan Crouch.

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