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Indie Authors Doing it Right! Video Interview with Lauren Clark, Dancing Naked in Dixie

Hey folks, we have a new series ‘Indie Authors Doing it Right!’.

Over the next few months we’ll be talking to self-published authors who are successfully marketing and promoting their books and asking for their tips and advice.

Lauren Clark is the author of Stay Tuned and Dancing Naked in Dixie. If you can’t listen to the full video, below are bullet points of Lauren’s experience and advice!

– Her debut novel, Stay Tuned (November 2011), won 5-6 awards including the Eric Hoffer award.

Dancing Naked in Dixie is Lauren’s second novel, based on her own experience of moving  to small town Alabama and the culture shock she experienced.

Why Lauren is doing it right:

1. Meticulously organized, keeps detailed notes using Google docs and spreadsheets (

2. Networking – blogpost comments, emailing, forming relationships. Lauren’s advice is to start small, look for a personal connection and start a conversation. Be thoughtful when you make comments and support others, paying it forward. Subscribe to blogs, spend 30 minutes looking for new blogposts.

3. Branding – She started with the readers. Who loved the book and what kind of other books did they enjoy? Developed the tagline “Sassy Southern Fiction”. Uses this on her website and in all her pitches.

Book covers – maintained the same type, and style, complimentary covers so people can say “that’s a Lauren Clark book”. (Emily Giffin does this too) Keep everything consistent by using the book cover on Twitter, facebook, website.

Using herself behind the book – not shy at all, but not a shameless promoter. Girlfriends have organized events to date. Prefers to connect with people vs pushing the book on people.

Advice to newbies:

Sit down and write, then hire a really good editor to pick apart your writing and show you what works and what doesn’t.

Never stop learning – take online courses, go to conferences, talk with other writers and other experts who can teach you about everything.

Job of indie authors is to keep learning.

Get beta readers, proofreaders and editors to make your manuscript the best it can be.

Next plans:

– Has an ongoing list of interesting topics, situations and places. Book 3, The Pie Lab, will be out later this year once she has recovered from the promotions for Dancing Naked In Dixie!

– Blog touring with DNID for the next 6 weeks.

Importance of leaving reviews for authors and how much that means – best feeling in the world!

Mentions in this video:

Liz & Lisa from Chick Lit is Not – fab supporters of Lauren’s work!
Rebecca Berto – Novel Girl – great blog on writing and querying
Duolit – Tony & Shannon did a great job with formatting: