The Power Hour

Hey good looking! Want to take your writing, book, and indie author career to the next level?


Thousands of authors are using writing and self-publishing to create the life they’ve always wanted to have. They know their ideal readers, they earn a steady income each month, and they enjoy marketing and promoting their books. Why? Because it’s fun when you see fab results!


“I’ve benefitted in a lot of ways. First of all, I’ve learned the importance of a methodical approach to marketing my books. You also opened my eyes (and my mind) to a great deal of information that I didn’t know was available to me, information that is free and there for the taking if one knows how to find it.”

– Scott Pratt, author of the Joe Dillard series

Kickstart your sales


If you’re feeling frustrated with stagnant sales and a lack of attention, we can get down to the nitty gritty of what isn’t working for you, as well as what steps we can take to get you and your book way more recognition.


“Laura is patient, incredibly thorough,
and sets herself apart from her competitors
by her ability and willingness to over-deliver.”

– Tom Rizzo, Author of Last Stand at Bitter Creek


I want you to enjoy marketing and promoting rather than finding it a chore. If you’re not enjoying pushing your book right now or if you feel like you’re going about it all wrong, then there is a better way.


“Laura’s assistance enabled me to juggle marketing
while I started working on my next book. …by sharing
her knowledge of self publishing mechanics and marketing options,
I believe she saved me many hours of research and
trips down dead ends.”

– Robert B Lowe, Author of Project Moses – A Mystery Thriller   


Once you’ve created a great system – and one that works for you – you will attract your perfect readers, get better feedback, and I think you’re even going to start enjoying your marketing as much as I do. (And I love me some marketing!)


“Laura listened very carefully and asked many questions…
Somehow she managed to find and complement my strongest
points that without her help I would not be able to see.
I will keep happily referring people to Laura – she’s the best!”

– Sophia Viklund, The Dog that Became a Lion


I used to offer long-term coaching and client work, and I loved it. I’m a people-person and it made me very happy. But… there just aren’t enough hours in the day, right? I’m a writer too, and I have several books in the pipeline. I have seven published books of our own to promote, and I want to write more.


I stopped taking on full-time clients in April 2012, but as a compromise I am offering jam-packed Power Hours for a few authors each month. The name is misleading since they are actually 5 hours of strategy, however our one-on-one hour together is where things really happen!


Here’s how it works: 



1. THE NITTY GRITTY: You fill out a quick questionnaire that digs deep. It helps uncover your frustrations, goals, marketing strengths and weaknesses, ideal reader and how we’re going to get you from zero to indie hero.

2. THE MAGIC: I’ll review your answers and put my magic strategy hat on. (2 hours)

3. THE FUN STUFF: We schedule and jump on a call, and chat for a full hour. You can ask me anything during the call, and I’ll also give you all I’ve got during this time. I’ve done my research before the call, so no time is wasted. (1 hour). After the call, I send you your action plan moving forward. (2 hours)


With the Power Hour you also get these bonuses:

– A copy of 77 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Self-published Book.

– A copy of Fire Up Amazon! 

– A copy of the Authorlicious website template, if you wish.


“I read your book three times, but speaking to you on the phone and exchanging these follow up emails has made me feel like you’re genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. That makes me feel good, which is nice, but more importantly, you’ve turned out to be exactly what I thought you’d be. Committed.”

– Scott Pratt, author of the Joe Dillard Mystery Thriller series.

Why work with me?

I make a living from writing & my books & I want you to, too.
– I’ve worked with
several fiction and non-fiction titles with much success
– I’m plugged in
to both the writing AND marketing communities.
– I’m forward-thinking
and keep myself updated with the self-publishing industry.
– I have a background in teaching and psychology;
I think this makes me a pretty good coach!
– I’m not happy unless you’re happy.
My clients tell me that I go above and beyond what they expect and that’s my goal.

“[Laura] took the time to help me with the nitty gritty details my publisher was too busy to do, such as teach me web promotion on Amazon and Goodreads. She was also available and supportive 24/7 via phone and email. I’d highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone trying to get a leg up in the book industry!”

-Kate Rockland, author of 150 Pounds.


“It gave me many different concrete steps I can take right away. It’s given me confidence, a sense of knowing where to go. I don’t feel overwhelmed as I did even just a couple weeks ago. I’d definitely recommend this service to others. Laura’s hugely knowledgeable in terms of writing, books, advertising, selling…”

– Mike Ronny, Author of Home on the Moon & other short various stories


So, whaddya say, want to try the Power Hour and make things happen? 

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