Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

HOT Book Marketing and Publishing Links (& some book Olympics) for August 3rd 2012

Friends, I’m obsessed with the Olympics this year. I’m typing this as I watch the Women’s gymnastics finals and checking the #bookolympics hashtag on Twitter. Sooo much fun – here are some of my favorites!

Danny Boyle, Champion of the World #bookolympics
Much Judo About Nothing #bookolympics
Fence and Sensibility #bookolympics
Gone with the Windsurfing #bookolympics

Got anything to add?

Back to the real world – here are some of the best marketing and publishing links I’ve read this week. Leave your own suggestions in the comments! – Laura

The amazing Guy Kawasaki fives us the 3 doctrines of self-publishing, and says “If you’re going to succeed in self-publishing, you need to believe in these changes to the core of your existence.”

Marketing starts before you complete your book. Have we said that enough times? Let’s talk about it one more time because it’s THAT important.

From Freytag’s Pyramid to Save the Cat and the Hero’s Journey, this is a must-read guide for all writers.