Authorlicious – Help Instructions

Thank you again for joining our Authorlicious™ family!

Head over to Authorlicious™ Mini Video Tutorials now to get started with your fresh new author website. You will need the password that was sent to your email address earlier when you purchased Authorlicious.

If you don’t currently have a hosting company or a domain set up, you can visit Bluehost, MediaTemple, or WPEngine to set these up (we use both MediaTemple and WPEngine). Also check out these videos for setting up WordPress on these providers: Install WordPress on BlueHost | Install WordPress on MediaTemple
(WPEngine installs WordPress for their customers.)

If you have any questions, you can post them on the support forum, or search for existing answers there as well. You can post your questions and search the forum on the forum page. We try our best to reply to questions on the forum quickly.

Support Forum

Bookmark this page or these handy links to the videos and the forum! :)

Thanks again!
Laura & Brandon