Fire Up Amazon!

Tweak your Amazon listing to perfection…
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New guide from Laura Pepper Wu of the award-winning 30 Day Books

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Amazon wants you to sell more books. You sell more books, they make more money, everyone is happy. But, are you using the tools and resources Amazon makes available to its authors to encourage sales?

By simply picking up this book and implementing the 20+ tools and strategies I walk you through (with images), you’ll be well ahead of the game in terms of discoverability, exposure, and desirability.


HIGHLY recommend you buy this book immediately – that is, if you are an author and want to actually make money. Fire Up Amazon is absolutely chock-full of value on how to make the most you can by selling through the Kindle platform. Laura’s great ideas and clear implementation plans are overflowing in this book. Get your pen and paper ready though – I filled pages with notes. On top of all that – a lot of fun to read, too!

– Roger Brown, author of Speed Reading, Procrastination – 8 quick fixes & other titles


Never before has making a living from writing and publishing been on such a level playing ground!


Perfecting your presence on Amazon is the backbone of any good book marketing campaign for an independently published or unknown author. Don’t start your book marketing without making sure your Amazon listings are as good as they can be.


This guide is divided into two sections: Be Visible & Be Irresistible. Here’s a breakdown of each section…


In Part One: Be Visible, you’ll learn:

  • How customers on Amazon typically find books & what this means for you
  • Our best guess at Amazon’s mysterious algorithms & how you can influence them
  • The meta-data you MUST tweak in order to improve your ranking in search results
  • The vital keyword research you need to do for your title and the secret tool for doing this well
  • The social proof that Amazon cares about
  • 11 ways to get more reviews
  • Review requests Dos & Don’ts
  • The one piece of paper that will improve your chances of getting reviewed
  • Further tweaks to increase your visibility on

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In Part Two: Be Irresistible, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 second rule & why ‘above the fold’ matters
  • What makes a remarkable Amazon page
  • The book cover POP or FLOP test
  • Simple ways to improve your book cover
  • The product description formula that will leave readers desperate to click ‘buy!’
  • How to add bold and italics to your book description (& why you should)
  • How to write an enchanting author bio
  • How to optimize your author central (& why it will be super important in the future)


The modern day writer needs to understand Amazon as much as their writing, and Fire Up Amazon offer the tools to achieve this. Laura takes you on an entertaining journey about defeating Amazon. I thought I understood the process, but there were plenty of tips to be found.  This short read will save you plenty of headaches. I suggest you take a load off and grab a copy today! – Matthew Turner, author of Beyond Parallel


This guide is great for new self-publishers who want to lay solid groundwork from the beginning, OR for authors who already have their books on Amazon but know they could sell better on the world’s largest bookstore.  

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What people are saying about Laura’s other book marketing guides:


“This book is a must-read for anyone even considering self-publishing their work.” – Melissa Wenzel  


“I’ve read about 15 books on book marketing in the last month. This one has been the best written and the most useful. Worth the cost.” – “An interested reader”  

“One of the most practical, clear, usable products I’ve found–and I own them all! … I highly recommend this book to debut authors as well as established ones.” – AuthorSam  

“…this is the most complete list of usable marketing tactics I’ve read that also provide plenty of new ideas. Well done Laura!” Author Mark Harmon  

“…clear and practical advice on how to get your book noticed and presents everything with humor and a “you-can-do-it” attitude. Every author should own a copy”. Author Catherine Lavoie.  

“…some really new ideas that could only come from someone who really knows her stuff.” Ernest Polmateer  

“…an incredible resource for all of us who are slogging through the broad and deep WWW to find the right things to do to get our books in the hands of readers.” Rona D. Simmons

“If you are an indie author — or thinking about self-publishing — this is a book you need to consider reading from cover to cover.” P. Allen Mac


“This is the most helpful marketing book for indie authors that I have ever come across.” Sherri Lackey


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Get your copy today and start harnessing the power of Amazon right away.

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by Laura Pepper Wu, co-founder of the award-winning 30 Day Books.