Before Publishing Your eBook: Checklist
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‘Before Publishing Your eBook: a 3-Month Checklist’ is here!

This one should be accompanied by a choir of angels. I’m so thrilled it’s out in the wide world! First, a cover reveal…

Before Publishing Your eBook: Checklist
Straightforward and simple, like the book itself.

The WHY behind this guide

I speak to a lot of first-time authors who are confused about knowing what to do, in what order for their book launch. They know that there is going to be a lot of work required to produce the book, release the book, and then build sales, and they even have somewhat of an idea of what this entails. But in my conversations, I can certainly tell that there is a need for a complete list of all such steps, a prioritization of what to do first, and deadlines for each of them going forward.

That’s what this checklist is! A 75-page guide that gives you the confidence and reassurance that you’re doing everything in order, and in time for a smooth-sailing release. It’s broken down into the following sections:

  • 3 Months to Go
  • 2 Months to Go
  • 1 Month to Go
  • 2 Weeks to Go
  • 1 Week to Go
  • Launch Day!
  • Ongoing priorities

It also includes a bunch of resources, tools and tips for each step along the way to save you time, money and frustration! And best of all, it’s accompanied by a downloadable worksheet that you can print out and pin near your desk and scribble notes on.