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Getting to Grips with Goodreads: 6 actionable ideas

Today is 12-12-12. How cool is that! Once in a lifetime, right? :) Today’s quick tip is about It’s THE social network for readers and writers (think a literary Facebook), but do you know how to make the most of the site’s features?   Or are you just stumbling around like a headless chicken?   That’s ok, many of us are. It’s not the
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Goodreads Giveaways: Why you should, & some tips to get the best of them (hint: reviews!)

It’s likely you’ve heard of, or already belong to, (if you haven’t, run, don’t walk over there NOW and sign up!), the social cataloguing site where members can create reading lists, catalogue books they’re reading to their “book shelves,” participate in discussion groups and review books they’ve read. With more than 7 million readers who have added more than 260,000 books to their
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6 Ways to get more Amazon (& other online bookstore) Reviews

These days reviews of anything, be it hotels, restaurants, or the entertainment industry matter. We have all skipped going to see a movie because it got terrible reviews. We’re less likely to choose a restaurant on or Google Reviews if it has less than 3 stars. We crave social validity that we are making the right choice, and purchase, and in online bookstores such
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