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My KDP Select Free Experiment: 3 days free, & the aftermath

I’m talking about my KDP Select Free experiment over on the Bookbuzzr blog today. What happened when I went free for 3 days, and more importantly, what happened afterwards? Find out here! Thanks for installing the Bottom of every post plugin by Corey Salzano. Contact me if you need custom WordPress plugins or website design.

Should You Enroll Your Book in KDP Select? The Basics

*Update: As of May 10th-ish 2012, it seems that Amazon have changed their algorithm and the KDP Select free days are not having nearly as much impact on ranking and sales afterwards as they once were. For more info on these topics, see here and here.* Several people have asked me whether I think enrolling their books into the KDP Select Program is a
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What to do NOW: Promotions & Publicity before you Publish, 10 Tips

If you aren’t yet published but have it in mind too in the near future, there are tons of promotions you can be doing before the book is ready. Here are my top 10 tips. Geez this bird is cute!! Image courtesy of 1. The early bird catches the worm! In other words the earlier you start your promotions the better. Starting 3
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6 Ways to get more Amazon (& other online bookstore) Reviews

These days reviews of anything, be it hotels, restaurants, or the entertainment industry matter. We have all skipped going to see a movie because it got terrible reviews. We’re less likely to choose a restaurant on or Google Reviews if it has less than 3 stars. We crave social validity that we are making the right choice, and purchase, and in online bookstores such
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