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Authors, Are you using your Author Central page? It’s your friend!

If you are selling a book or eBook through Amazon, you should absolutely be taking advantage of author central on Amazon. I know, I know that you are thinking “GROAN!! Yet another social media site to keep up with.” But actually it’s not all that much work at all, and once it is up and running (i.e. you have filled out your basic info,
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How Adding Customer Images to Amazon Can Increase Your Book Sales

On every Amazon product page (including print and eBook pages) there is the option to “Share your own customer images”. Find this option under the image of your book cover. Anyone can upload these customer images, including the author or publisher. So why is this worth your while? In the case of my non-fiction wedding guide, I uploaded images to compliment the existing book cover
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Why Getting Reviews on Amazon Should be Your First Priority (& Why bookstores leave me overwhelmed))

Reviews are the reason Amazon is where it is. The other day I was in a brick and mortar store and I was struck by the lack of information there was about the books I was browsing. I needed social reassurance, because I grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s and that’s what I’m used to receiving. Image courtesy of Perhaps my parents relied
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