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Bookstores are NOT dead! The Writers’ Workshoppe, Washington.

Whenever I travel, I always seek out amazing and unique bookstores. It’s one of my favorite parts of vacationing!

My trip last month to Port Townsend, a town a short ferry ride and drive from Seattle, was no different.

The Writers Workshoppe, Port Townsend

Writers Workshoppe, Port Townsend

The Writers’ Workshoppe

If anyone thinks that bookstores might die anytime soon, they need to see this place for them self. As the website of the shop says,

There’s more than one way to run a bookstore.”

It’s a niche bookstore that focuses on writing books for writers, as well as offering workshops for writers. And  – how sweet is this – it offers FREE writing space for writers to write, every day!!


I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

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Local authors

Above: Local author’s books on display – yay! Bookstore


I picked up some great gifts for my writer-friends…

Find out more about The Writers’ Workshoppe at:  http://writersworkshoppe.com/

On Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thewritersworkshoppe

If you’re ever in the Pacific NorthWest region, it’s certainly worth a visit :)

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