Author Tools & Resources, Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Book Marketing & Promotions Links from around the web

Friday is with us and below is some reading to get you caught up with all of the goings on from the last week!

One super exciting thing that happened  this week was the publication of the Taleist Self Publishing Report – Not a Gold Rush – 2012. It’s free for anyone who provided their data and findings for the survey, or it’s available for $4.99 from

“In February 2012, Taleist surveyed asked 61 questions of 1,007 self-publishing authors around the world. This report by Dave Cornford and Steven Lewis is the 12,000 words of facts, analysis, and insights into the world of self-publishing that this groundbreaking survey made possible.”

No doubt a valuable and informative read. Enjoy the links & see you next week for Magic Monday!

1. CreateSpace in Europe – Catherine, Caffeinated

Good news! CreateSpace is now in Europe which means your paperbacks can now get distributed on, and others.

2. Your Guide to the Zon – The Writer’s Guide to e-Publishing

Do you know what ITIN, KDP or KOLL stand for? If not, you are definitely a newbie to Amazon. Here is a short and sweet glossary of terms you are most likely to come across on the almighty Amazon.

3. Reader Q&A: What is the Best Way to Promote a New Book Today? – 30 Day Books 

Every book is unique and therefore, every book is promoted in a different way.

4. The Best Way to Network: Serving People – Jeff Goins Writer

We all agree networking is important on so many different levels marketing included.  But how do you do effective networking without turning into an insincere phony?

5. Bloggers: Don’t Make Visitors Log In Before Commenting  – The Publicity Hound

Don’t force your readers into subscribing. Let them comment without logging into the system.