Book Marketing & Promotions Links from Around the Web, April 22-26

If you read nothing else, be sure to read number 1! Invaluable advice from the sassy ladies at Chick Lit is Not Dead.

And here’s a little visual that you might enjoy as a writer ;)

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Have a great weekend! – Laura

1.       The Dos and Don’ts of pitching to book bloggers – Chick Lit is Not Dead

Marketing through blogs is a great way of finding the right audience but do you know how to reach out to bloggers? Here’s the 101.

2.       Plan a Book Launch Party for an Ebook – The Savvy Book Marketer

Oh yes, you can have a launch party for your eBook and it does not mean signing a computer screen!

3.       Author Blogging 101: Listening – The Book Designer

Blogs are a kind of social media where you engage and interact with readers. But are you really listening to your audience or merely broadcasting?

4.       Engage with Your Audience as a Whole Person – We Grow Media

Reaching out to audiences is important but what’s more important is forming a connection with them.

5.       Keywords, Tags and Categories: Three Simple Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your Book on Kindle – 30 Day Books

Find out what keywords, tags and categories are and how to use them to market your eBook on Kindle.




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