Book Marketing & Promotions Links from around the Web 5/04/2012

Here we are again, the best book marketing and promotion links for this week. That means TGIF!

– Laura

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1. Self-Publishing Basics: Introduction to Metadata – The Book Designer

You must know the inner workings of search engines if you want your eBook to be found by clients.

2. Book Marketing: Why I Gave Up Trying to Build a Big Social Media Following – The Creative Penn

Social Media just doesn’t work for some people. Is it even possible to market your eBook without Twitter and Facebook?

3. What is an Author Brand? – We Grow Media

Branding is not about creating an artificial façade but really a way to connect with your audiences.

4. 5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from the Angry Birds Cookbook – Tony Darrick Baker

400 million downloads later, the Angry Birds game developer is self-publishing a book. This should be interesting!

5. 7 Reasons eBook Authors Should Have a Paperback  30 Day Books

And it’s for the money – read on for the non-financial benefits of having your eBook on paper.

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