Book marketing & promotions, best of the web 4/2-4/6

What Key Elements Make an Effective Book Trailer? – 30 Day Books
Stop being just active and focus on productivity. Some key rules to creating a video campaign for your book that gives results. 

Author Blogging 101: Widgets, Sidebars and You – The Savvy Book Marketer
Sidebars and widgets are lots of fun. However, they can be confusing for newbies to blog-o-sphere. Also, what sidebars are popular with bloggers and how to leverage them. Learn this and more. 

eBook Formatting for Beginners – The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing

Some tried and tested ideas on formatting books for Kindle.  

Author Marketing: Guest Blog Your Way To Stardom – Turndog Millionaire
Guest blogging is great for marketing, we all know that. The real questions is; How do you get invited to guest blog, and once there, what are the do’s and don’t’s?
How to Wow the Media—even when You’re on Vacation – The Publicity Hound’s Blog          If you can make an overworked, overstretched journalist sit-up, take notice and smile with merely a play on words, you have got it right!

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