Book marketing & PR links from around the web, June 22nd 2012

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. If you have your own blogposts or resources you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment! Off to enjoy the Seattle sun while it still shines… Have a great weekend.

– Laura

1. Kobo’s new portal: Writing Life – The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing

As self-marketers we know the importance of visibility across all available platforms. There is good news! Kobo has launched a new platform to publish and sell your eBook. Go grab your space.

2. 27 Ways to Make Money As An Author You Haven’t Thought Of – LiveHacked

Marketing brings in the money but do you know the many ways you can market a single product and how to generate passive income in the process?

3. Do You Need an Author Website? Why Not All Websites Come Equal. – 30 Day Books

Simple reason why you need a website: Curiosity leads to Google and you better have a website when someone looks you up online.

4. 3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Crazy-Dedicated Readers’ Favorite Hangouts – duolit

Imagine a way to find out the places your readers hang out in! How much easier it would it be to market to them. Maybe if you think like your reader you will be able to figure out where to find them.

5. Promote your Book with Book Awards – The Savvy Book Marketer

Book award contests can be a great promotion tool for authors. When your book wins an award, you can promote yourself as an “award-winning author” and the book as an “award-winning book!” Find out more.

6. 2012 Book Sales Strong for both eBooks & Print – The Book Designer

Planning to produce both print and ebook versions of your books looks like a good bet for most self-publishers.

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