Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Book marketing & PR link roundup

Here they are, the best book marketing articles handpicked from around the web this week. It’s Friday 13th – mean anything to you or a load of baloney?

Enjoy! – Laura

1. Twitter Tips and Tricks – The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing 

Here are some really simple tips to get you started with Twitter.

2. A Genius is the One Most Like Himself – We Grow Media 

In a mad rush to find the best and easiest way to market themselves, most authors forget one important rule: “A genius is the one most like himself”. Learn why it is important to remain true to one’s innate talent and ability to succeed.

3. 37 Tools & Resources to Make Your Writing & Marketing easier – 30 Day Books 

A free PDF shared on 30 Day Books for useful tools and resources that can assist with not only your writing but also marketing.

4. Making Money From Paperbacks – Let’s get Digital 

From publishing to marketing, here is a little bit of all to show what works and what doesn’t in making your career as a writer profitable.