Best of the web: Book Marketing & PR Links for June 8 2012

TGIF. You know what that means… some fabulous wknd reading material. Enjoy! – Laura

1.     There are a Bunch of Nook and iTunes Readers Waiting For Your Ebooks!!! – The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Can choosing NOT to enroll in KDP increase your sales? Hungry readers await elsewhere.

2.     How Long Does It Take to Get Blog Readers? – Jane Friedman

We know how important it is to keep a blog as a writer. But not many know how to bring readers to the blog.

3.     Hustling: How to Spread the Word About Your Work – Jane Friedman

When it comes to marketing, are you a charlatan, a martyr or a hustler?

4.    Why Word of Mouth Will Never Die – Joel Friedlander on the Savvy Book Marketer

Most people buy books based on the recommendation of someone they know and trust. And you can’t buy those recommendations, can you?

5.     5 Places to Find New Readers (& 3 Ways to Make Sure they Stick Around) – Toni Tesori on 30 Day Books.

Problem: Readership stagnation. Does this sound familiar? Here are 5 ways to find new readers that will actually stick around.

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