Book Marketing & PR, Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Book Marketing & Publishing Links: Best of the Web 3/26-3/30

Each Friday we bring you the best book marketing and publishing links from around the web! Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. I’m going out for Taiwanese/ Mexican food, now there’s a fusion I bet you’ve never heard of…

1. How to Record Video at Home – We Grow Media

Video Marketing is more effective than content. Being able to see the person talking to them, hear his/her voice can make your audience feel connected. For those looking to experiment with recording videos at home, a little investment can go a long way in making their video appear professional.

Focus on the 3 things you constantly want to remind people you do and find innovative ways of feeding it to them. That’s what Richard Branson does.
As you have likely heard, Harry Potter is available in e-book form, available only through Pottermore, the digital extension of the Harry Potter brand. No other e-book vendor has it for sale, including the e-book behemoths like Amazon, B&N and iBooks. And the e-books are published by Rowling herself. 
Unfortunately GoodReads giveaways are only good for paperback at this moment. This may be tough for writers on a tight budget.  Library Thing allows for both paperbacks and ebooks.