Best Links for Book Marketing/ Promotions around the Web. May 11th 2012

Hi folks,

Did you hear that on June 16th all seven of the Harry Potter books will be available on the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library? That’s huge news! I’m sure this move will spark more and more traditional publishers to enroll in KDP Select in order to be a part of it. I love the fact I can borrow books on my Kindle, just like from a real library. What are your thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re up to!

– Laura

1. How To Sell Self-Published Books: Read This First – Catherine, Caffeinated

Selling books without selling them? How does that even make sense? Getting self-published is great but keep a few facts in mind.

2. You’re Invited! Or Not. The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Effective marketing is all about getting the word out. Goodreads can help with invites (but don’t go crazy with them).

3. 25 Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans – Jeff Goins, Writer

I’ve read tons of these blogging tips and how-tos. But Jeff gives solid advice and his blog and blogging community speaks volumes about how useful this advice can be.

4. Harlequin Fail – A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing (J.A.Konrath)

A guest post by the popular romance author Ann Voss Peterson about why Harlequin royalty rates just aren’t good enough, and hence, she’s going indie – yup, full time self published.

5. How To Sell Self-Published Books: One at a Time – Catherine, Caffeinated

Catherine’s having a self publishing special this month, and with all the great content she’s pushing out we’re featuring her in this list twice. In this post, slow and steady does the trick. Don’t be in a rush to put it all out there. Wait for the right time.

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