Book Marketing & PR, Friday Round-Up of Marketing Links

Best book marketing & PR links from around the web, 5/18/2012

Voila – the best marketing and PR links from around the web this week. Did you read anything good? Leave a comment!

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1. Working With Self-Published Authors – American Booksellers Association

ABA has released a list of programs for self-published writers facilitating in getting them shelf-space at various bookstores.

2. Writers and Social Media: “Do I Have To?” – We Grow Media (Video)

How much time should a writer spend on social media to get sales?

3. Selling Self-Published Books: The Amazing Amazon – Catherine, Caffeinated

Learn how to use social media to get Amazon to sell your book.

4. How Can I Use Twitter to Market My Book? Twitter for Authors who “Don’t Get It” – 30 Day Books

Most writers don’t understand why they need to use Twitter to market their book. Here is a little something to get you started.