Best Book Marketing & Promotions Links from around the web. 4/16- 4/20

Happy Friday! I’ll be spending most of it on the plane back from England to Seattle, catching up on some good books. Leave any recommendations in the comments!

Here are the best marketing and promotions links from around the web for this week.

– Laura

1.       Social Media Sharing Buttons and why we need them – The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing

Although you don’t need to use every social media account available out there but you must have a bare minimum presence on all. Social Media sharing buttons are a quick and easy way for readers to spread word about your writing.

2.       The Agency Model Sucks – A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

In the battle between wholesale model and the agency model, the former should be a writer’s first choice. Here is why!

3.       9 ways to use in a publicity campaign – The Publicity Hound’s Blog

Don’t let the lure of new social media sites distract you from the tried and tested marketing platforms like MeetUp.

4. 3 Do’s and Do Not’s of Requesting Book Reviews, and a Template Duolit

The secret to getting book reviews is simple – all you have to do is ask in the right way.

5.       Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers #15: How to Earn More by Giving Stuff Away – Make a Living Writing

Sometimes doing things for free can really help you get more sales.

Laura Pepper Wu is the co-founder of 30 Day Books: a book studio. She has worked with a variety of authors to successfully promote their books, including many Amazon best-sellers. Laura is the author of wedding non-fiction guides and book marketing guides 77 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Self-Published Book and Fire Up Amazon!

Laura also runs Ladies Who Critique, a critique-partner finding site. When she's not working at the studio, you can find her walking her dog, "yoga-ing" or at a coffee shop in Seattle.


  • Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing

    Hi Laura — thanks for the mention! I see you’re here in Seattle as well.

  • 30 Day Books

    I am! It seems there is quite a crew of us up here. Do you attend any offline events in the area? Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!