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Querying?? Awesome Tools & Resources

*This is part two in the series Awesome Tools & Resources for Writers (Mostly Free) and is cross posted from my other site, Find part 1, Writing a Book here.*

2. Querying a Book

The best way to become familiar with what it is agents & publishers are looking at is to get the inside scoop, and these links are a great place to start. Bookmark these sites and blogs!!!

– Nathan Bransford Nathan is a former literary agent turned author and his site still has a ton of resources for authors seeking literary agents – where does he find the time?
– Query Shark Read about queries being critiqued and never make the same mistake again!
– Writer’s Digest’s Guide to Literary Agents Find literary agents and what they’re looking for here.
– Ask Daphne KT Literary’s very own Daphne answers readers query questions.
– Miss Snark’s First Victim This mystery blogger was the former query-critiquing queen, Miss Snark’s, fist victim! Now she took all that good advice and critiques excerpts and queries.
– The Public Query Slushpile Have your query letter critiqued by the public – there is no literary agent on this site, it’s up to visitors to comment, hence the “public” query slushpile.
– QueryTracker A list of 9000+ authors and the literary agents who represent them, or who have represented them in the past.

 As always, don’t forget to share any tools or resources about querying that you have found of use in the comments below. Muchos gracias!