Avoid the Twitter timesuck: Twitter in less than 10 minutes a day

Twitter, like any social media site, can be a huge time-suck. You jump on to check your @ mentions and before you know it it’s gone dark outside!

Here’s the strategy I use to use Twitter effectively, in less than 10 minutes a day. Why not try it right now?

*Note: I originally shared this strategy for using Twitter in less than 10 minutes a day in my Magic Monday newsletter. For more tips like this, and for stuff I just don’t blog about on the site, sign up here!*

Twitter in less than 10 minutes a day. –>

1. SHARE: Post a link (to article you have written, or to someone else’s). Add an
intro to the link, a quote from it, or some enticing description to encourage more
clicks. (2 mins)



2. TWEET something personal: Ask a question, make a statement, write
something funny. (1 min)



3. ENGAGE: Reply to a question or comment in your Twitter feed (1 min)



4. CHECK your interaction/@ replies/ messages and reply if necessary (1



5. FOLLOW five new people (Twitter gives you some suggestions) and say
hi to them (3 mins)



6. RETWEET a link that you found interesting from your feed. (1 min)

And you’re done!

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