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(unsolicited comment about Authorlicious by 30 Day Books)

Who else is using Authorlicious?

Here are some authors who are enjoying Authorlicious and their awesome new site!

… provides the framework for a truly functional and highly customized website – I am thrilled with my new site! There are so many great things about Authorlicious!”

Tanya Savko, Slip



I love my new Authorlicious site because I can update it in a few simple clicks.”
Cat Lavoie, Breaking the Rules



Authorlicious was really simple to set up and improved the look of my website 100%. My old site looked amateurish and dated. Now I think it looks professional and slick!”
William Overby, The Movie House Mystery


WOW! You rate right up there for customer service….thank you so much. Authorlicious has been an answer to my prayers. You and Brandon are fantastic. I love AUTHORLICIOUS!!!!!”
Taylor Fulks, My Prison Without Bars

I found the Authorlicious theme very easy to work with – I replaced an existing theme and it was super smooth – it also looks great on an iPhone as well as the web. It’s been super easy to set up… it’s very simple to add in all of your Social Media (including goodreads and Amazon’s author central) to the site so your fans can connect with you in a variety of ways!”
Andrea Stein, Rough Harbor


Don’t forget with Authorlicious that you get a whole year’s help with maintaining your website.  This is great for people like me who input the wrong data and have to email for help!
Debbie Jeffreys, non-fiction titles

Being someone who looks at building a website in the same way primitive men looked at the stars, I was astounded by Authorlicious’s suave usability. The tutorials kick tail, all to the backdrop of an experimental jazz soundtrack that makes you feel cooler than you actually are. Amazing!”
Samuel Sattin, League of Somebodies


Authorlicious Theme

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