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You no doubt have some questions! If I were to guess some of them, they might be…

  • “But I’m not techy at all! Can I really put together a beautiful-looking site myself? Can I do this?”
  • “I have a website already (that I’m not 100% happy with). Can I keep my content?”
  • “What if I lose all my content? I’ll panic.”
  • “Is this for me?”
  • “What if I buy it and can’t use it?”
  • “Who else is using Authorlicious?”
  • “Who are Laura & Brandon/ 30 Day Books?”
  • “How long will it take to set up?”
  • “I have a Facebook page already. Isn’t this enough for me?”
  • “Will Authorlicious help me to sell more books?”
  • “I already have hosting and a domain name. Can I keep them?”


Let me answer some of those FAQs…

You don’t need to be techy to understand Authorlicious – we built it for that very reason! Too many authors fear technology and pay extortionate prices for a site as a result. We created Authorlicious to remove technology barriers and make author websites more affordable and easy to update/maintain.

You can easily transfer your content from blogger or WordPress, no problem! We offer instructions on how to export and transfer your content, and if it’s too frightening, we’re happy to do this on your behalf. No panic attacks necessary.

Only you can decide if a product is right for you. We believe that Authorlicious is the most robust author website option out there, and the feedback we get from our happy Authorlicians tells us so too. We designed it to be totally flexible, so that whether you have an eBook, paperback, fiction, non-fiction, have one book or several, it’s a great choice.

If you change your mind about Authorlicious, we offer a full 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

This hasn’t happened yet, but if you struggle to use it (or you’re simply short on time) we offer the option to upgrade and do it for you for an extra cost.

If you are serious about a long-term author career, it’s very important that you own the content of your website and have your own self-hosted site rather than relying on free web services. A Facebook page is not enough for your online presence… Facebook recently closed down some fan pages without giving a reason, and thousands of fans were lost.  Facebook also won’t be around forever… social media moves quickly, and fans don’t jump ship with it (RIP MySpace!)

If you have hosting and a domain name already, you can keep them and do a simple transfer. We’ll help you set this up if necessary.

You can have your basic site up and running in a few hours. Tweaking it and customizing it may take a couple of hours beyond that, but all of our customers so far have really enjoyed the process of perfecting their site! No more waiting weeks and weeks (month) to get a site designed…

Authorlicious incorporates book marketing principles throughout the site to encourage traffic to book selling sites. It’s also designed to grow your audience and exposure indirectly too – by showcasing you as a professional which may lead to guest blog invitations, returning blog readers, social media followers, and media attention.

Authorlicious Theme

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