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Ideal Reader Exercises and why you should do one (A New FREE Resource)

I’ve been working on the marketing plan for The Write Life Magazine, and just like when I start any campaign, the very first step for me is to complete an ideal reader exercise.   Why? Because writing for one person – and one person only – means that all of your marketing efforts will be much more compelling and engaging. You’ll be connecting with
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Why I’m Totally Okay with Giving My Book Away Free

Today’s guest post comes from the lovely Dana Sitar of DIY Writing. Dana recently moved to Seattle, and so we met for coffee a few weeks back at my favorite neighborhood writing spot. Now she’s contributing to the first issue of The Write Life Magazine and guest posting here. I don’t remember how we connected in the first place, but I’m guessing it was
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Six Powerful Ways to Market Children’s Books

Today’s guest post is a great one, and courtesy of Gail and Penny from To Press & Beyond – a full-service book shepherding company that specializes in children’s and juvenile titles. I invited them onto the blog to give us some actionable tips on how to market a children’s book. And boy did they deliver! I think you’ll love these 6 powerful ways to spread the
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Creating blog posts & promo materials that go viral (no graphic design skills necessary)

I’m a visual person (hello, Pinterest!), so infographics and charts always grab my attention. They can be a great way to display content to your readers about your book, your self, or a theme from your book. This can be especially effective for non-fiction books, but there’s plenty of room to get creative with fiction too. They also make great content for blog posts, promo materials
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Take a Book & eBook marketing online class with me! (discount included)

I’m happy to announce I’ll be teaching a short but info-packed class on eBook & Book marketing. And for you lovely readers, there is of course a sweet discount. Read on, and I hope to see you there! Class Name: Craft Your Book Marketing Plan with 21 Fun and Effective Ways to Promote Your Book About the Class: A 2-week, online class including 2 lectures
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‘Before Publishing Your eBook: a 3-Month Checklist’ is here!

This one should be accompanied by a choir of angels. I’m so thrilled it’s out in the wide world! First, a cover reveal… Straightforward and simple, like the book itself. The WHY behind this guide I speak to a lot of first-time authors who are confused about knowing what to do, in what order for their book launch. They know that there is going
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Shelf Unbound: What to read next in independent publishing

Ever wonder what to read next? In the crowded world of books, I think we all wonder this a lot! It’s not so much a question of not having enough to read, it’s that there’s too much! Shelf Unbound, a digital magazine edited by Margaret Brown, helps to solve this problem by curating new and interesting books in a beautifully designed bi-monthly publication.  
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Bookish times in NYC

Just returned from a 6 day trip to the Big Apple, for a little work and a lot of fun with my little sister. Enjoy the book pics! Thanks for installing the Bottom of every post plugin by Corey Salzano. Contact me if you need custom WordPress plugins or website design.

What the heck do I blog about? Blogging ideas for fiction authors who feel stuck in a rut

You’re a writer who wants to keep a blog. You know it’s great for your readership; it expands your reach and keeps readers and fans engaged in between books. You also kind of enjoy it, when you know what to write about. But that’s the problem, ain’t it? What the heck do we write about?   I’m asked this question all.the.time. This comment from
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Quick Q&A with Duolit, The Self-Publishing Team

Today’s post is a quick Q&A with “The Self-Publishing Team”, Duolit! I met Duolit on the Interwebs a while ago, I don’t even remember how. They’ve since formatted a book for me, hosted me on their blog, and we’ve even chatted on Skype. So of course I wanted to introduce them to you! I grabbed them for a quick Q&A, but be sure to
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