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Are you backing up your site or blog? 3 Easy Ways to Save all of Your Hard Work

Back Up BlogYou back up your computer, but you might not have thought to back up your precious site or blog.

With all the time and energy you put in to your site, here are three easy ways to make sure that if there were to be an unfortunate security issue, hack, or melt down, you’d have a copy of it ready to re-publish.

1. Choose a web host that backs up your site on your behalf. WP Engine does for all of its WordPress sites, and it’s one of many reasons we love them – and use them to host 30 Day Books and several of our other sites.

2. If you use Blogger, be sure to export a copy of your site regularly

3. If you use WordPress, use the plugin Back Up Buddy to back up your site regularly, while you sleep – and without having to ask it to! It’s not the cheapest plugin (see pricing below), but it’s a lot cheaper than trying to recover your site after the fact.

Pricing: $80 for personal use (2 licenses), $100 for business use (10 licenses), $150 for developer license (unlimited licenses).